Further instructions on group sites

1) Building on the research done by each of the group members, each group will construct a site for their decade in UMWBlogs.  The design, format, and presentation of these sites will be determined by the group, with a broad audience in mind.  These sites are due by 11:59 PM on Monday, March 12 Noon on Friday, March 16.

2) Sites are completed by one (or more) members of the group creating a blog post introducing the site and linking to it.  Sites are “turned in” by emailing me with the links to  the group site and the blog post introducing it.

3) Starting Tuesday after class, based on these sites, we will vote on the best decade for us to recreate as a class using this page….  [In addition to the class votes, I will invite DTLT and the Alumni Association Board of Directors to vote, as well as those people who have been following the posts online.]




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