Initial ideas for class re-creation

Class ideas

  • Recreate History class (4)
  • Recreate Education class
  • Recreate Home Economics
  • recreate photos from decade site — Sarah L.
  • Recreate Theater class (in the amphitheater) — Stephanie
  • Senior Day? — Brooke
  • One fun class and one serious class



  • Include veterans (a few) who were still around in early 1950s.
  • “Maybe each person could pick a major, not necessarily the same one they’re pursuing now, and look through courses and make a list of classes they’ve already taken, then think of a reason why they’re taking the particular class we reenact. If that works, maybe the same can be done for extracurricular activities (clubs, sports, etc.) so that we each have a small built-in scenario we can play with and use to interact with each other; this could bring in the non-academic resources as naturally as possible.” — Carrie
  • Students as students, McClurken as Professor

Working in non-academic items

  • — “There can be discussions in class about things that are happening and perhaps announcements made at the beginning of class of things that are happening socially around campus.”–Carolyn
  • — “I think the best way to do this would be to do what Dr. McClurken does at the beginning of our classes today: ask the class what they did over the weekend/ what their plans are for the week. Maybe there could be a dance or other social event coming up, or a new rule or privilege could have just been introduced.  A short discussion at the beginning of class of the world outside academics would be a great way to give a little authenticity to the class and also work in the elements that are not purely academic.” — Grace


  • Library — “ a handout, maybe – that would capture what using the library was like for students in the 50s.  A guide to the Dewey Decimal System, how to use a card catalog. “
  • Dress — General agreement that we should try to dress in 1950s style.  Ask Prof. McCluskey for help?
  • Material Culture — books?  Technology?  Notepads
  • Lots of suggestions here:



  • 1950s site, interviews, Dr. Crawley’s book, Battlefield, photos, Prof. McCluskey

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