Class Re-creation Schedule going forward

By end of class, Thursday, April 5: Have detailed work plan with clear assignments for each person in the group.

By class start on Tuesday, April 10: Have made progress on your group’s assignment*, and everyone post a brief bio about your character for the class on your blog.

*Minimum progress defined by group:

  • Class Content — clear explanation for plan for class activity
  • Photo group — choose 5 photos to recreate with list of supplies, locations needed for each, and plan for what to do with them.
  • Clothing/materials — Dress code for students/faculty; list of allowed supplies
  • Activities — flesh out specifics about what announcements will be made, which will be discussed casually, fliers made(?).  Need details for these and how they will be worked in to class time.
UPDATE: Outlines for the various parts of the recreation are now up, including specific advice and instructions for students.

By class start on Thursday April 12: Come prepared to discuss what still needs to be done.

Tuesday, April 17 and/or Thursday, April 19 — class re-creations

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