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I am a Professor of History and American Studies & the Special Assistant to the Provost for Teaching, Technology, and Innovation at the University of Mary Washington.

Part of Our Classroom Re-creation

After a semester of work, we recreated a typical class in the 1950s era including clothing and appropriate discussion of viewpoints for the time. This clip is one excerpt of that class, a re-creation of what we imagine a debate … Continue reading

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Images from the Re-Creation

Pictures now, video may follow.

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An Outline for Re-Creating a 1952 History Class

Based on the work the groups have done, this is our schedule for the class. Schedule/tasks for HIST 328 Re-creation class Set in 1952 Professor Almont Darter-Quinzel HIST 381 – Current Affairs 12:25 – Arrive early, if possible to get … Continue reading

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Class Re-creation Schedule going forward

By end of class, Thursday, April 5: Have detailed work plan with clear assignments for each person in the group. By class start on Tuesday, April 10: Have made progress on your group’s assignment*, and everyone post a brief bio … Continue reading

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Initial ideas for class re-creation

Class ideas Recreate History class (4) Recreate Education class Recreate Home Economics recreate photos from decade site — Sarah L. Recreate Theater class (in the amphitheater) — Stephanie Senior Day? — Brooke One fun class and one serious class   … Continue reading

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The Decade Has Been Chosen

We will be recreating the 1950s — What class/discipline should we re-create? — What roles should people have? — What sources will we use? — How will we work in non-academic material? — Material aspects (clothes? books?) Blog your suggestions … Continue reading

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Further instructions on group sites

1) Building on the research done by each of the group members, each group will construct a site for their decade in UMWBlogs.  The design, format, and presentation of these sites will be determined by the group, with a broad … Continue reading

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Updated info about week 4

All, Here are the plans for this week, as I also talked about in class: Before Class Time on Thursday Post (to your blog) a few observations (a paragraph) about one or two of the readings this week. Thursday during … Continue reading

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Weekend tasks

As I said in class today, please do the following over the next few days: By Noon Friday, let me know if you want to work on a particular decade for the project.  I will post the groups assignments by … Continue reading

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Welcome to HIST 328 — US Women’s History in 1870

In addition to a history of US women from 1870 to the present, the 2012 iteration of this class will explore experiences of Mary Washington students in the 1930s, 1940s, 1950s, and 1960s. More to follow.

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