Group assignments


Carolyn-academic departments/faculty files

Sarah-The Bullet

Peter-interview, alumni magazine, and helping Sarah with the Bullet

Hannah-student handbooks and course catalogs

Claire-photographs and scrapbooks




Katy: Photographs and Bullet (1945-1949)

Stephanie: Bullet (1940-1944), Alumni Magazines and HISP files

Grace: Student handbooks and scrapbooks

John: Photographs and books listed under secondary sources

Brent: Course catalogue and academic faculty files




Leanna —  interviews and student handbooks
Brooke — photographs and the yearbook
Kathleen — the Bullet
Carrie — interviews with Leanna and also reviewing course catalogs
Nicole — alumni newspapers and faculty files.



Sara – Bullet Articles
Rebecca – Course Catalogs / Aubade
Kendall – Photographs / Student Handbooks
Sam – Alum Interviews / Alum magazines

We also may want to talk to the historic pres people, look into yearbooks, and talk about campus traditions and events in the 60′s.



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