Review the education sites

Thanks to all the groups for all their hard work.

Please review each site. Then, vote below on which site would be the best basis for our class to re-create the experiences of the classroom of that decade.

Based on those group research sites, we will collectively decide (with the help of some alums), which decade we will then use for the final project, a re-creation of a course session or two from that decade.  The form these class sessions will take is still yet to be determined (depending in part on the decade picked), but they will involve everyone in some way in preparation and presentation.  Specific tasks will be determined after the decade is chosen.  This recreation will take place during the week of April 17. — From the Syllabus

Site: 1930s
Introduction to site:

Site: 1940s
Introductions to site:

Site: 1950s
Introduction to site:

Site: 1960s
Introduction to site:

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