An Outline for Re-Creating a 1952 History Class

Based on the work the groups have done, this is our schedule for the class.

Schedule/tasks for HIST 328 Re-creation class
Set in 1952
Professor Almont Darter-Quinzel
HIST 381 – Current Affairs

12:25 – Arrive early, if possible to get things set up for class

12:30—Have cameras ready, books, material items in place

12:30-12:35 – record students walking into the room, talking about social events

12:35 – Begin the “pre-class” announcements with material from the non-academic group.

  • Grace – May Day and nominee in the class for May Queen.
  • Other announcements? (non-academic group)

12:40 – Roll call (Using last names), with each student responding, “Present” and adding their Major and class (Devil or Goat).

  •  During roll call, theatrical whisper in the back that Prof. D-Q will stare down

12:50  Announce the topic for today’s debate, “A Woman’s Place Is In the Home”
— Divide into halves of the room

12:50-12:55 Talk in small groups about plans for the debate

12:55-1:00 – small groups go back into the big groups on each side to coordinate their debate

  • During these group discussions, some students fall off into their own discussions of social matters (assigned/prepped by Non-academic group)

1:05-1:15 – Debate between the two sides, employing the arguments that we’ve been talking and reading about for the last few weeks.  (Bonus points for mentioning specific authors/speakers/politicians.)

1:15-1:30 – Discussions –

  • Why is it important for mothers to raise sons and daughters who will support the ideals of a democratic nation?
  • What does the fight in Korea have to do with democracy and/or motherhood?    [Background on the war]
  • Could you see a Third World War in your generation?  What might it look like?  Since the Soviets have the atom bomb, do you feel unsafe?  What can you, as college students, do about it?
  • During this time, someone will clumsily pass a note, Dr. D-Q will get it and read it to the class, scolding them.

1:30-1:35 – end of class announcements from Dr. D-Q.


1:35-1:40 – Record student leaving the room talking about other non-academic items (or just complaining about classes)



For TH class –

  • Photo re-creation in normal clothes – 30-40 minutes
  • Discussion of the process of research and re-creation – 30-40 minutes


The posts that each group did about our plans.


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