Part of Our Classroom Re-creation

After a semester of work, we recreated a typical class in the 1950s era including clothing and appropriate discussion of viewpoints for the time.

This clip is one excerpt of that class, a re-creation of what we imagine a debate over “A Woman’s Place Is in the Home” might have looked like in 1952 in a Current Events class in the History Department at Mary Washington College.

Class re-creation of 1952 views — Debate over Women’s Place in the Home from UMW History.

Please note that the material here is based on research the students did in MWC sources from the 1950s. They are an attempt to understand the issues and concerns facing college students at a mostly female teaching college in 1952.

They do not represent the actual viewpoints of the students or Dr. McClurken.

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I am a Professor of History and American Studies & the Special Assistant to the Provost for Teaching, Technology, and Innovation at the University of Mary Washington.
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  1. These students had me believing they held these viewpoints. This is very entertaining, including the map and the blackboard. Are you sure they are not theatre majors? What a great way to teach history.

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